October Toys

The Gwin is a curious creature based on Tux, created by Larry Ewing & The GIMP. Gwins spend most of their time eating, sleeping, and hoarding treasure. They often form "armies" to protect their amassed riches. Now is your chance to build your own Gwin Army to guard your prized possessions! These designer vinyl penguins sit approximately 2.5" high and make perfect desktop companions!
Gwin Series 1 Gwin Series 1 features designs by Mimic, Doktor A, Eric Treadaway, Nixon Scratches, idlechimp, and SpookyAMD. Series 1 is limited to 400 pieces of each design (except Classic).
Gwin Series 2 Gwin Series 2 features designs by El Maz, Alex Pardee, Voltaire, C. Spliedt, Kruse, Charlotte Link, and Christie. Series 2 is limited to 400 pieces of each design.
Gwin Series 3 Gwin Series 3 features designs by Squidboy, Jim Koch, Lou Pimentel, HideousBoi, and Bill Rawley. Series 3 is limited to 200 pieces of each design.

Gwin Template

Download a Gwin template and have fun designing your very own Gwin!!
MegaGwin Show

The MegaGwin Show featured over 60 custom 13" vinyl MegaGwins at Alpha Cult in Long Beach, CA in 2007. Big thanks to all of the artists who participated and everyone who helped support the show!

You can check out all the customs from the MegaGwin Show on Flickr!